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The Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin Review

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin Review

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a stand-alone plugin that adding widgets and features to Elementor and expanding our designing options with it.

Out of the box, Elementor is a very flexible page builder plugin and we can do many things with it. It’s packed with great options and widgets that allowing us to design almost anything we want.

Although it has many great designing options, it is still missing key features that could make it a better plugin then what it is right now.

Because of that, companies like UAE (Ultimate Addons for Elementor) took it upon themselves to improve Elementor and make it a more complete page builder.

In this article, we will show you how to install and use the Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor plugin.

What is the Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin

UAE is a stand-alone plugin that acts as an extension plugin to the popular Elementor page builder.

The Ultimate Add-ons plugin extends the functionality of Elementor by giving you a library of extra widgets, templates, and blocks to style your website.

Take this blog post, for example, the Table of Content (the bunch of anchor links above) that break this article to sections can be created easily with the Ultimate Addons TOC widget.

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor price (official price): $55 – $199.
Our price: $4.99 (no coupons or discount codes required).

When and Why to Use Ultimate Addons for Elementor

As I described above, the UAE will add many more widgets and options to the Elementor widgets list that can be used to design your website.

Some of the many added widgets are:

  • Fancy heading
  • Content toggle
  • Before and after slider
  • Infobox
  • Multi buttons
  • Timeline
  • Countdown timer
  • Table of content
  • Many more

Ultimate Addons for Elementor Widgets List

This is just a partial list and the full list contains way more widgets.

Also, UAE always adding more widgets to the plugin all the time.

How to Download the Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Unlike most freemium WordPress plugins, UAE doesn’t have any free version for you to use.

If you would like to use the UAE plugin, you’ll need to purchase the pro version from the get-go.

You can buy the Ultimate Add-ons plugin from their official website for full price or get the EXACT same plugin with free updates from our website with a great discount.

After purchasing the plugin (whether from our website or theirs) you’ll be able to download the plugin (zip file) to your computer.

Then, you’ll need to upload it to your WordPress website.

That’s very easy to do.

Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin and chose the UAE plugin you just downloaded.

Install Ultimate Addons for Elementor Plugin

Click on Install and then on Activate.

Access the UAE Widgets

To see and access all the goods that the plugin’s offer, navigate to your desired page and open the Elementor edit screen by clicking on Edit With Elementor.

Then, scroll all the way down and you’ll see a new section added to the bottom of the Elementor left sidebar called ULTIMATE ADDONS.

There you will see all the new widgets that were added for you to use and try. All the new widgets are marked with the UAE letters at their top right corner.

UAE inside Elementor

How to Edit the Ultimate Addons for Elementor Widgets

Because UAE was built for Elementor, editing their widgets is identical to editing any Elementor official widget.

Just like any other widget, the Ultimate Addons for Elementor widgets have three tabs. Content, Style, and Advanced.

The options inside each of the tabs will change based on the widget you are editing. Just like the options of the Content tab of the official Heading widget is different than the options of the Content tab of the official Image widget.

The idea is pretty much the same, the Content tab is in charge of everything related to the content of the widget, the Style tab is in charge of everything related to the style of the widget, and the Advanced tab is in charge for everything else like the margin, paddings and some responsive options.

Ultimate Addons Widgets Examples

In this section, I will answer a couple of popular questions that are been asked frequently by Elementor users.

The first question is how to create a timeline and the second question is how to display a video gallery.

How to Create a Timeline with Elementor

Timeline sections are a great way to display a company or project progress during a certain amount of time.

One of my favorite timelines made by the SimilarWeb website showing how the company established itself and the steps it took to get to the present time.

Elementor widget libraries

Timelines are beautiful and intractable sections because when scrolling down the page, the timeline vertical spine will follow the page and fill the timeline.

Out of the box, Elementor does not have a timeline widget but the Ultimate Addons for Elementor does!

To create a timeline, drag the Timeline widget to your desired location.

Elementor timeline widget

Inside the Content tab, inside the Timeline Items, you can enter the events that you would like to display.

For each event, you’ll have the option to enter the date, heading, and description.

Elementor timeline event options

To style the timeline elements, move to the Style tab and you will be able to style any part of the widget.

Most likely, you already know how to change the color and the size of the text items such as the heading and the dates.

What you may be missing is how to change the style and colors of the connector, spine, and icons.

To change the color of the connector, open the Connector tab, and look for the line color option at the bottom inside the Default tab.

The default options will determine how the elements will look before the scrolling effects style will take over.

The default color is light grey but you can change it to any other color.

The icon color and the icon background color are self-explanatory and will control the colors of the icons.

UAE Timeline default colors

If you would like to change the colors of the connector and the icons when scrolling the page, move to the Focused tab.

There, just like in the default tab, you can change the color of the three elements, the connector color, the icon color, and the icon background color.

UAE Timeline Widget focused colors

Of course, there are many more things to change such as the responsive view for mobiles and tablets but that will be based on your needs and desires.

To display a video gallery with Elementor, you will need to have the Ultimate Addons for Elementor as well.

From your Elementor edit screen, drag the UAE Video Gallery widget to your desired location.

Elementor video gallery widget

Out of the box, the video gallery widget will load six videos but you can add or remove as many as you wish.

Each of the video items will have a few options such as type, URL, caption, categories, and thumbnail options.

Elementor video gallery video options

Inside the General tab, you can change the default columns number, the videos aspect ratio, and the click action.

Elementor video gallery general options

The nicest thing about this video gallery widget is the Filterable Tabs.

By enabling the filterable tabs to on, the categories tab will appear above the video gallery and will filter the results when clicking on the tab.

Video gallery filterable tabs

For example, if you own a technology website, you can create a video gallery with a mix of unboxing and review videos.

When a visitor clicks on the unboxing category, it will only display the unboxing videos. When he clicks on the reviews category, it will only display the reviews videos.


The Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin will give you many more options than the default Elementor page builder plugin doesn’t have.

By downloading the UAE, you’ll expand your designing options big time, without the need to know coding skills because we’re using the Elementor interface that we all know and love.

We recommend you to take the UAE plugin for a spin because it will give you so many more beautiful options.

Let us know in the comment box down below which is your preferred widget or which one you need help with?

Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our page on Facebook.

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