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Make Money From Plugins You Purchased

Our mission here at PluginsForWP is to build a vibrant and lively community for all WordPress users worldwide.

To achieve that, we’re constantly adding plugins and themes to our repository and publishing quality blog posts and video tutorials to educate our visitors.

Because our top priority is to keep growing, reach new audiences, and make it affordable to everyone, we are always looking to add new items to expand our library, including the less popular plugins or themes.

Building WP Community
Plugin Exchange Program

Acquiring a license key to every WordPress item, specifically the least popular ones (that don’t sell the minimum quantity to cover), makes this business model unfeasible.

However, because we still want to offer the items to those who want them, we ask YOU to sell them on our platform.

This is your chance to be a power contributor and help WordPress users like yourself by making our repository bigger while earning money for yourself.

What Can You Sell?

Any WordPress Item Under the GPL


We are looking for plugins that we don't have or newer versions of plugins that we already offer.


We are looking for themes that we don't have or newer versions of themes that we already offer.


Pre-made templates/kits of page builders or themes (like Elementor, Divi, etc.)

And more. We’re open to anything!

If You Already Have it, Earn from it

The expensive plugin you bought from the official developer can pay itself and even more!

Do you have a newer version than ours? Or a plugin/theme that we don't have?

If the answer is yes, congrats! You qualify to be a vendor on our website! Woo-hoo! You finished the first step.

Fill out the vendor form

Registering will take less than two minutes. Use the simple form at the bottom of this page to become a vendor.

Let the commission pile up!

The version or item you uploaded will be assigned to you and grant you $1 for every successful sale!

It's a win-win-win situation

For you, for us, and for the whole WordPress community


We are the only platform to let you earn for WordPress items you already own


Help to expand our library and have the newest versions

WP Community

Other WordPress users need the plugin or theme you already purchased, help 'em out

Detailed Vendor Dashboard

To track all your products and earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a vendor on PluginsForWP?

Because you already spent a lot of money buying the plugin or theme for your website. We allow you to get this money back by selling it on our website and earning a commission. Soon enough, you’ll cover your expenses and even make some extra $$$.

What can I sell?

We accept any WordPress item under the General Public License (GPL), such as plugins, themes, templates, etc.

Do I need to add my license key when submitting a product?

Adding a license key is optional but highly recommended because:

  1. Each item is inspected through our quality check program. A license key will prove that you bought it from the official developer and will speed up the process.
  2. We will use the license key to update the item, guaranteeing you will keep getting the commission. Without providing a key, someone else can submit a newer version and take your spot.

What are the product's requirements?

Quality and transparency are our top priorities. Here at PluginsForWP, we only sell products we bought and tested carefully. Therefore, we only accept items purchased from the official developers’ websites.

Can I send modified files?

No, we only accept unmodified products (original).

Can I sell an item I got from a friend or bought from another GPL website?

No, we only accept original products you bought from the official developers’ websites.

Will my submission be approved?

The submitted product will be approved if we don’t have the version ourselves and it passes the quality check by our team to validate it as an original plugin.

I have a newer version than the one on your site, but it's not the latest version. Should I still submit?

Sure, but please note that items with outdated versions have a higher refund rate.

How much can I earn?

Unlimited! Because our prices are so affordable, we have a great conversion rate. That means easy sales for you!

How often will I get paid?

Once a month.

Fill the form to become a vendor, and start selling