Best Auto-Blogging Plugins For Auto-Posting Your Blogs On WordPress

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You can pull content from different websites and display it on your site with auto-blogging plugins. In this blog, you will see the top 5 best auto-blogging plugins. Next, let’s check out all the other best plugins and what features they offer.

WordPress is one of the best CMS with an easy-to-use interface. With WordPress, beginners can also try their hands at making a website. Also, it is an excellent tool for experts to create great websites. Also, you can do auto blogging and auto-post it on your website. Though WordPress looks easy, it is tough to master it. With WordPress, you will get various functionalities. This functionality requires enormous time and also effort to ace. 

You can also create blogging websites with WordPress. 

For example, if you are a food blogger, you can provide different food recipes on your website.

If you are a technical blogger, you can write about other technologies in your blogs and post them on the website.

If you’ve been blogging for a long, you probably understand that creating quality material every day is a difficult task that takes much time, effort, and research.

A WordPress blog is a powerful and affordable tool for communicating with current and potential clients. Downloadable plugins are one of the numerous features of a WordPress blog. You can edit and customize your blog using these to suit your needs. For example, with the help of the auto-post plugin, users may write their WordPress posts in advance. After that, they can select when they want them to appear on their blogs.

Why Do You Need Auto-Posting Plugins?

It might be time-consuming to post each post to your websites. You can’t afford to spend half of your day sharing your blogs, especially if you run a blogging website. You can use automation plugins to automate your articles while you unwind to get around this problem. WordPress provides several auto-post plugins that you can use to automate the blogs on your website and the automatic social media sharing of those blogs. These plugins enable the scheduling of posts on websites and social media platforms.

Why not create an automatic blogging webpage that will gather content from the top sources and display it on your website in this manner? The strategy has much promise, but it will depend on the type of promotion you carry out for your website.

Auto Post WordPress Plugins will be your lifesaver when you wish to operate in automation. Therefore, when you press the “Publish” button on your blogs, they are instantly posted on numerous social networking sites and your website.

Different Auto-Posting Plugins

WordPress is a beautiful website creation software. However, building WordPress websites requires the usage of plugins, which let users add new features without editing a single line of code. WordPress’s easy-to-use, adaptable, and feature-rich content management system would not exist without plugins. 

It takes time to manually post content from your website to your social media platform. Therefore, if you want to promote your website and increase internet visibility, you need it more than anything else. Thankfully, various WordPress Auto Poster Plugin alternatives are available to provide consumers with a valuable dynamic experience.

The different auto-posting plugins include:

#1 WP Automatic Plugin

WP Automatic plugin for WordPress

WP Automatic Plugin helps users by allowing them to auto-post content from websites and other social media programs. 

Auto-posting is turned very easy with the help of WP Automatic Platform. With this platform, auto-posting is turned easy and helps users auto-post content on their WordPress website. 

By default, this WordPress plugin copies webpage content to your WordPress website. Moreover, this can be planned for as many occasions. Moreover, the plugin doesn’t require coding skills, making it very simple.

Additionally, you can select the specific information (by author, category, and tag), so you are not required to publish everything written on the source you have chosen.


  • The plugin allows you to specify if the post must remain original while auto-posting by being translated twice.
  • You can have content for your post from an infinite number of sources at once with the help of this plugin.
  • This plugin offers you a variety of simple template tags that you can apply to the requirements of the content.
  • It can automatically link specific keywords to your affiliate link or another URL that you specify.

#2 WP Crawler

WP Crawler plugin

Using the WP Content Crawler plugin, you may automatically grab articles and posts from your favorite websites. In addition, the robust crawling tool can save custom fields,  set cookies, taxonomies, etc. The most sophisticated WordPress plugin for building personal websites, Web Crawler automatically grabs content from any website and posts it.

Using this plugin, you can create a collection of different themes, plugins, apps, and photos. Additionally, gather other things from online stores and sign up for affiliate programs to earn money.

Furthermore, you can manually crawl the website’s contents using features like cookies, quick repairs, duplicate post detection, proxies, warnings, etc.


  • Visual selector
  • Recrawl posts
  • Save the details of  the custom post
  • Search for and replace the content
  • Protect password
  • Get notifications for email
  • Make a gallery of images

#3 Feedzy RSS Aggregator

Feedzy RSS plugin for WordPress

With the help of the FEEDZY RSS Aggregator, you may quickly and easily automatically publish countless RSS feeds on your website.

With FEEDZY RSS Aggregator, you can relax and let your website Autoblog so that it always has new information. This helps with content marketing, SEO, audience engagement, and, most likely, revenue growth.


  • Convert RSS feed items automatically to WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Import and collect countless RSS feeds automatically from many sources
  • Multiple feed sources for related topics can be bulk imported and organized into different categories. 
  • With the aid of code snippets, Gutenberg blocks, or widgets, you can quickly show RSS feeds in third-party website builders like Elementor.
  • You can also add images to your RSS feeds or, for dinners lacking graphics, add your photo or logo. We understand the value of aesthetics and do not want your website to be just a dry list of information and links.
  • Choose which meta fields, such as the author, date, and time of the RSS feed, should be visible.

Plugins For Social Media

You cannot ignore the influence of social media marketing in the modern world. However, managing and promoting your company on multiple social media platforms at once may be highly challenging. So for this, you need the social media auto-post plugin.

The WordPress plugin Social Media Auto Post automatically posts blogs from your website to various social networks.

Simply put, your post will instantly be published on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others as soon as you publish it. Therefore, improving your site’s social media marketing is the most acceptable strategy. Additionally, you’ll save time because you won’t have to share your work manually.

#4 Blog2Social

Blog2Social plugin

You can schedule your blog articles on the WordPress website using the plugin Blog2Social, which automatically allows you to post to social media. Also, using this plugin, you can design, auto-post, cross-promote and automatically publish your blog content to various social media platforms. You may also repost older articles, save them as draughts, view all your social network postings in one location, and do much more.


  • Post your material automatically to the majority of popular social media sites.
  • Before posting them on social media, customize your posts.
  • Choose the images that will go with your article.
  • Your automatic posts should be scheduled for particular time windows.
  • Repost outdated content sometimes.

#5 Social Auto Poster

Social auto poster plugin

You can schedule your blog entries to publish to a selected social network with the premium Auto-post WordPress plugin. You may set up your social network accounts, post content, and repost both new and old content with the aid of this plugin. Additionally, this plugin functions with individual profiles, company pages, organizations, etc. Networks, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Tumbler, and Twitter, are supported by this plugin.


  • Automatic new post posting and custom post kinds (you can configure)
  • You can enable automatic posting for specific post kinds or categories by using the auto post filtering feature according to to post types and taxonomies.
  • All of your automatic posts to individual accounts are tracked in logs.
  • You have the option to share your blog post or to post a simple text message.
  • The ability to simultaneously publish a WordPress post to Facebook and other social networking networks with a single click.
  • In the post screen, the ability to enable and disable auto post
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • A user-friendly interface means this plugin is simple to configure. You can set it up with step-by-step instructions on the plugin settings page.


WordPress Automatic plugin is one of the most popular auto-blogging plugins and the best on the list. This plugin has got huge options for importing content from different websites. Also, you can extract specific content and post it on your WordPress website. You can also remove content from other social media sites and auto-post it into your feed.

The purpose of these plugins is to simplify the laborious task of manually submitting your content to numerous pertinent websites. You can automatically post your WordPress blogs, pages, and custom post kinds using one of the Auto Post WordPress plugins described above. For better marketing, you may easily install the one that best meets your needs and build a completely automated WordPress website.

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