Fix Elementor Form Not Sending or Submitting Successfully Because of a Server Error

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Elementor forms not being sent can cause significant issues for your website’s visitors. A contact form is essential to any website as it lets visitors quickly contact the website owner or administrator.

Many online websites only use the contact form to communicate with their customers. Therefore, failure form can badly hurt the business from proper functionality.

Elementor, one of the most accessible page builders plugins to use with WordPress, includes the form widget in its pro version.

If you are building your contact us page with Elementor and discover the form needs to be sent, you have come to the right place.

This article will teach us how to fix Elementor forms from sending or submitting.

Elementor Form not sending

Why Fix the Form in Elementor

By providing a contact form, website owners can streamline communication and make it easy for visitors to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns.

Additionally, a contact form can reduce spam and ensure messages are delivered directly to the intended recipient.

Let’s take our contact us page as an example. We are using a few different forms, all intended for a separate department of our customer support team.

Multiple Contact Forms

We can improve and optimize our response time and user experience by dividing messages into different mailboxes.

In addition, visitors can use the form to provide feedback and ideas on how to serve them better. Listening to customers’ feedback can illuminate some business aspects you may ignore or neglect.

That’s why the contact page is one of the most visited pages on your website.

A contact form is a simple but important feature that can significantly enhance any website’s user experience.

Reasons Why Elementor Form Not Sending

The main reason Elementor forms can’t be sent or submitted is related to the configuration of WordPress mail settings. However, before getting technical, let’s check off some more apparent possibilities.

Add the Email Option to the Actions After Submit Tab

Sometimes, the email will be sent successfully because you will see the submitted form in the submission tab, but you won’t get it in your inbox.

In this scenario, the email properties are set well, but you must prompt Elementor to notify you.

Please add the Email option to the Actions After Submit tab when editing your contact form. It should be there by default but may be unchecked accidentally.

Actions after submit email

Once you added the option, test the form by resending it.

The Email Recipient is Missing

If the email option is on the list of the Actions After Submit, but you still can’t send or receive the forms from your website, please verify that the Email tab settings are configured correctly.

Expand the Email tab and check if the value in the To field is pointing to the correct address.

Correct email address field

If it’s not, correct it, save the changes, and try resubmitting the form. Otherwise, please change it to a different address and test it again.

If both steps above are adequately defined, but the issue still accrues, move on to the next section and change the SMTP settings.

How to Fix Elementor Form to Send Submissions

SMTP, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a protocol between the WordPress email client software and your website’s hosting company.

If the SMTP is defined correctly, communication between the two servers will ensure the form can submit successfully. On the other hand, miscommunication will prevent the condition from being submitted.

To fix Elementor from not sending forms, we will need to install an SMTP plugin and enter the correct email service credentials of the hosting company.

Here are the steps to fix Elementor forms sending issues:

  1. Get the Server SMTP Details

    First, retrieve your hosting company’s mail client settings information. You’ll need the username, password, and incoming/outgoing server (you can find it in the Email Account screen or the next section).Server SMTP Settings

  2. Install an SMTP Plugin

    Install and activate the Easy WP SMTP plugin on your WordPress website.SMTP WordPress plugin

  3. Choose the Other SMTP Box

    Navigate to Easy WP SMTP -> Settings screen and choose the Other SMTP option. Other SMTP Option

  4. Choose the Secured Connection

    Change the Encryption Type to SSL.SSL Encryption Type

  5. Enter SMTP Credentials

    Fill in the host, port, username, and password fields with the credentials you retrieved on the first step.SMTP Server Settings

  6. Save the Changes

    Scroll to the bottom and save the settings.

Once you saved the changes, revisit the page with the Elementor form and submit and test it again.

Popular Email Service Providers SMTP Settings for Elementor

The table below lists the SMTP settings of the most popular email providers to speed up your troubleshooting process and enable you to send and submit Elementor forms quickly.

Company Server Address Username Password Port Number
Outlook [email protected] Your Outlook Password 587 (TLS) or 25 (without TLS)
Gmail [email protected] Your Gmail password 587 (TLS) or 465 (SSL)
AOL Mail [email protected] Your AOL Password 587 (With TLS)
Yandex [email protected] Your Yandex mail Password 465 (With SSL/TLS)
Zoho [email protected] Your ZOHO Mail password 465 (With SSL/TLS)
Sendgrid Your apikey username Your apikey Password 587 or 25 or 2525 (With TLS)

You can use the details above in the Other SMTP or its unique dedicated box in the Easy WP SMTP plugin’s screen.

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Contact forms are one of every website’s best tools for communicating with its customers.

Your visitors being unable to send or submit forms in Elementor can negatively affect your business and cause many issues. Therefore, this problem should be addressed immediately, and fix Elementor forms from not being sent successfully.

Leave us a comment and tell us which SMTP plugin you use to solve this problem or need further help.

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