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Printed t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, caps, hoodies, bags, shoes, and whatnot? People’s love for prints is growing, and they love it more when they get to design the image themselves. 

Suppose you have a WooCommerce store and would like to offer your customers an option to design and customize products. In that case, we present an awesome WooCommerce product designer plugin, DesignO, which will spice up your print orders in 2023. Let’s learn more about it in detail. 

DesignO WooCommerce Product Designer

Innovating the Online Shopping Experience Instead of Improving 

Improving and innovating the online shopping experience are two different things. By focusing on innovation, we mean bringing new experiences to the market instead of updating and changing the ones we already have. 

In the past decade, worldwide eCommerce sales have increased by more than 380%, and online shopping is only likely to continue, resulting in a more competitive eCommerce landscape. As a result, companies must develop new ways to create great online shopping experiences to retain customers and increase sales.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think, what triggers the purchase behavior in you? Is it the website design or accessibility? Or the customer service or product resources? No matter what it is, one thing is for sure, a great online shopping experience has the power to turn website visitors into loyal customers.

If you still aren’t prioritizing your online shopping experience, you’ll lose money to competitors who are one step ahead. Don’t want that to happen? Then it’s time to innovate your online shopping experience rather than just improving the old tricks. 

So, what makes a great online shopping experience? How can you innovate? Well, there are several ways to do so like; you can redo your website design, content, and functionality, offer a customer points and reward program, re-evaluate your mobile experience, add a chatbot and provide omnichannel support.

Still, among all, the trending and the most engaging way to attract customers is the addition of helpful and game-changing plugins like DesignO – a WooCommerce product designer that changes the course of buying a print product entirely with its customization and personalization features. 

The Evolution of Product Customization Features

Product customization has become a need, more than just a feature for every customer. Customization is going to new lengths, far beyond color choices and sizes. Manufacturers today are using data to produce items based on the unique attributes of the individual customer. 

The product customization feature has evolved drastically with many latest tools and technologies like smartphone apps and scanners, 3D printing, networked production, robotics, and high-speed connectivity and data transmission. As a result, it is spreading to various industries, including medical and dental implants. 

Introducing DesignO WooCommerce Plugin 

The market for product designer plugins is significant, and there are wide varieties available to choose from, but the central and common issue among all is the complex code structure. Since not everyone is tech-savvy, people prefer an easy interface that allows them to customize things readily, and that’s where DesignO WooCommerce Plugin comes into the picture. 

DesignO is a plug-and-play online design tool that is easy to use and lightweight. It has easy graphics and an interface that will allow your consumers to design and personalize things any way they like, whether you’re selling gift cards, clothing, mugs, accessories, etc.

DesignO WooCommerce Product UI

It is a simple yet powerful WooCommerce product designer extension that enables your customers to add self-designed or customized things to your products and make changes according to their requirements depending on variable or simple products before placing an order in a WooCommerce store.

Features of DesignO WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin 

The customization feature is offered today by many, but only the simple and the fast one wins because that’s what people expect in any part. DesignO WooCommerce Plugin was designed keeping in mind that and hence is an efficient, robust, and intuitive plugin you will never find anywhere. So, let’s see what you gain by adding DesignO WooCommerce Plugin to your store. 

  • Advanced Text Editing (edit font, size, and color) 
  • 10,000+ Customizable Clipart
  • Image & Clipart Editor
  • Social Media Import & Sharing
  • 2D/3D Preview
  • Fully Mobile Responsive & Fast Loading
  • Live Tier Pricing
  • Multiple Products Ordering Using the Same Design
  • Configurable Colors Palette
  • Multilingual & Multi-Currency Support
  • Ruler and Grid Lines
  • White Color Removal
  • Configurable output file resolution (up to 300dpi outputs)
  • Feature-rich Back Office Software With Dashboard, Reports, Order Management, Print Workflow, and Job Calendar
  • Pictures Extraction From Social Networks & Custom Files Upload 
  • Advanced Design Pricing Based on Personalization
  • Multiple image outputs (PNG, JPG)
  • Save Designs for Later
  • Templates Creation Available

They have created a video tutorial installing a DesignO Web to Print WordPress plugin into your WooCommerce store that you can watch below. 

WooCommerce extensions

How Your Company Can Benefit from DesignO?

The feature-rich DesignO is not just power-packed with benefits for customers but is equally beneficial for the store owner, which we will see in detail below. 

1. Builds Business and Improves Work Efficiency 

The advanced back office features in DesignO will help you build your business well but will also aid in running it well and smoothly.

For example, with an easy-to-use dashboard that will display all your customer orders in real-time, you can easily create jobs and push orders to the production department immediately, boosting your business and customer happiness to the next level.

DesignO Dashboard

Other than that, you will get a 360° view of your business, a complete order and job management solution, efficient print workflow tools, and a comprehensive job calendar, which is enough to turn your WooCommerce shop into a fully operational web-to-print storefront.

2. Enhances the Online Shopping Experience

Customer user experience is what decides the success of an online store. With DesignO, a satisfactory and happy online shopping experience is guaranteed because the intuitive online designer tool of DesignO is so easy to personalize products and place orders from any device that, once used, they will keep coming for more. 

3. Attracts New Customers

A happy customer won’t stay quiet. Customers share their shopping experience, good or bad, with everyone they know. Hence, with DesignO, since a customer’s shopping experience will undoubtedly be good, they will spread the word and bring in more customers for you. Thus, you don’t have to worry about attracting customers anymore. 

4. Increases Revenue and Allows You to Expand

The demand for personalized and customized products will not die anytime soon; hence, with DesignO, your WooCommerce store will run well and generate good revenue.

Moreover, although many free things come with DesignO, there are certain customization charges that you can apply for using elements such as photographs, clipart, text, words, and other such items.

And once your store is doing good, you can start selling various further printed products with personalized designs to gain profit. 


WooCommerce is unarguably one of the best platforms with great functionalities. However, adding an incredible plugin like DesignO for your print store will double and accelerate your chances of getting more print orders and, thus, success. 

Unlike other product designer plugins, DesignO is made for everyone meaning anyone without any prior design experience or tech knowledge can easily install and start using it without any external help or expert guidance.

In short, it is not just an editing tool but an overall product design and customization tool with many built-in features that efficiently manage orders and the entire business. 

So, if you want to spice up your print orders in the year 2023, you have to move and bring DesignO into your business before your competitors steal the thunder away from you. 

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