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How to Delete All WordPress Comments – Easy and Simple

How to Delete All WordPress Comments – Easy and Simple

Comments are the best way to get feedback on your articles.

While many visitors are using comments to share their thoughts with you, others are using it to spam your website and promote their products.

In this article, I will show you how to delete all WordPress comments in two different ways.

Reasons to Delete Comments

As mentioned above, many spammers will use your website comments to push their products, services, or agendas.

When doing so, it will affect the overall quality of the article conversation and will prevent legit users from commenting.

Also, oftentimes spam comments contain bad links to shady websites. When a legit visitor clicks on one of these links, your business reputation will get damaged and you won’t see the visitor again.

In addition, when search engine bots will crawl your website and the spam links, your domain authority will get a hit and your site score will decrease.

To prevent all of that from happening, you will need to delete all your WP comments.

How to Delete All WordPress Comments

There are multiple ways to delete spam comments from WordPress and in this article, I will show you two ways.

The first way is from inside the comments screen and the second way is by using a plugin.

Although there are more ways to delete comments such as from the cPanel and database, generally it is more complicated and advanced and therefore we won’t go that route.

Let’s start with the first way which is deleted comments from the comments screen.

Use the WordPress dashboard panel

From inside your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Comments.

Comments screen

In the comment screen, you’ll see all the comments that were left on all your different blog posts.

You can delete them individually by hovering on the comment that you would like to delete and click Trash.

Delete comments individually

If you would like to delete multiple comments at once, check all the comments that you would like to delete and change the bulk actions to move to trash and click apply.

Delete multiple comments at once

Note: make sure to delete only the spam comments and not the legit ones. Most times you can identify the spam comments when it contains links in their body.

By default, the comments screen showing you only 20 comments per page. If you have hundreds or even thousands of spam comments piled up, it will take you a long time to go through the pages and delete them all.

To speed up the process, you would like to display more than just 20 comments per page.

To achieve that, click on the screen options at the right top corner and change the number of items per page to a higher number.

Display more comments per page

Now you can delete even more comments at once.

Delete all comments with a plugin

In addition to the admin dashboard, we can also delete comments with a plugin.

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins -> Add New, search for Delete All Comments of WordPress and install the first result on the left.

Delete all comments of wordpress

After activating the plugin, navigate to Tools -> Delete Comments.

Access the delete comments plugin screen

On that screen you’ll have the option to delete all comments whatsoever or by filter:

  • In moderation
  • Approved
  • Spam
  • Trash

The Comments in moderations are the ones with the orange background that waiting for approval. Most likely, they are the ones that you would like to delete.

Comment waiting for approval

Select your choice and click on Delete now.

Delete all comments with a plugin

After clicking on Delete, navigate to the comments screen to validate that they were deleted.


It’s a good practice to delete spam or unapproved comments from your WordPress website.

You don’t want to keep them from an SEO perspective or slowing down your database.

In this article, we learned two ways how to delete multiple comments at once.

Make sure to watch the video and let us know if you have any questions.

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