Plugin Exchange Program

Our mission here at PluginsForWP is to build a vibrant and lively community for all WordPress users worldwide.

To achieve that, we’re constantly adding plugins and themes to our repository and publishing quality blog posts and video tutorials to educate our visitors.

Because our top priority is to keep growing, reach new audiences, and make it affordable to everyone, we are always looking to add new items to expand our library, including the less popular plugins or themes.

Acquiring a license key to every WordPress item, specifically the least popular ones (that don’t sell the minimum quantity to cover), makes this business model unfeasible.

Building WP Community
Plugin Exchange Program

However, because we still want to offer the items to those who want them, we’re looking for a way to subsidize and reduce the purchase cost.

This is your chance to be a power contributor and help WordPress users, just like yourself, by making our repository bigger and more affordable for everyone than ever before.

If you have an active license key for any WordPress plugin or theme, we would like to buy it from you or pay a portion!

We will use the license keys to download the newest versions, upload them to our website, and help other users who need them. Your license keys will never be shared with anyone.

In exchange for your item, we will offer a payment, exchange for another plugin (or membership plan), a backlink to your website, and many more collaboration options.

Some of the plugins that we are looking for:

And many, many more…!

Your license key will not be shared with anyone!

Every submission will be answered!

Please fill out the form below to get a quote: